Monday, September 22, 2008


Sextape Records is the hippest, newest label on the block (aside from yours truly of course), run by my main man Nick Reiner, who I met stuffing envelopes together as Vice interns in the summer of 2006. Straight outta Lancaster, PA, they'll be dropping all manner of hot jams on the masses in the coming months, and if their debut release for hometown electrohero Bitclipr is any indication, you're gonna want to keep an eye on this lot.

Bitclipr's self-titled 12" presents "Discofreak" and "Glytz", two shit-hot dancefloor-fillers featuring samples, live instrumentation and some of the sickest basslines this side of the Ed Banger bros. The next great hope for American electro? Probably.

MP3: "Discofreak" - Bitclipr

// Miwa Yanagi //

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ell said...

oh my, this song is amazing!