Thursday, December 4, 2008


The Golden Filter pretty much brought the house down last week at Heaven, but originally slated for the opening slot were our very own friends in Pink Stallone. Coming off like Danger remixing the Flashdance theme, "Swiss Ambulance" landed on xxjfg earlier this year and apparently impressed the shit out of the Late of the Pier bros who headlined and curated last week's Heaven showdown, but airfare expenses rendered their appearance at the night impossible. Pink Stallone are here to stay though, as oven fresh new track "Ghostfriend" further establishes them as rising stars on the electro scene. With a single release on the Pier's Zarcorp imprint potentially in the works and the Jersey kids' slow-burning lounge disco jams consistently putting them head and shoulders above most other US based electronic acts kicking around at the moment, look for Pink Stallone to do start seriously fucking shit up in the new year.

MP3: "Ghostfriend" - Pink Stallone

// Benedict Radcliffe //


Anonymous said...

better than the golden filter, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Stallone rosa, amante del mio

tony the tiger said...

love the picture

Anonymous said...

love you pink stallone

Youtubehiphop said...

caralho Showwwwwww!

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