Monday, May 4, 2009


Our favorite artist Gotye finally gets the stateside exposure he so rightly deserves tonight when "Hearts A Mess" will wrench the heartstrings of teenage America on Gossip Girl. The song is one of our all time favorites (as is the video, above) and we're thrilled to be putting out his first-ever US release later this summer. Here's what we said about "Hearts A Mess" this time last year:

“Hearts A Mess” is a pastiche of borrowed sounds and samples culled from record store bargain bins and passed-down vinyl heirlooms, yet the result is a remarkably unified sonic vision: swirling strings, atmospheric percussion and a heartwrenching chorus for the ages all converging to result in the most majestic single you’ll hear all year. A cinematic pop masterpiece just begging to be plugged into any number of primetime network dramas (you feeling me, Alexandra Patsavas?), the track soars and swells into an orchestral gem the likes of which haven’t been heard in pop music since Sebastien Tellier made eyes water across Europe with the stirring beauty of “La Ritournelle”. Similarly, “Hearts A Mess” sounds like nothing else out there right now, a timeless pop classic unrestrained by genre or critical expectations, and it’s the kind of special, once-in-a-lifetime single that rarely comes along in this increasingly homogenized indie scene.

Looks like Ms. Patsavas was feeling us after all.

MP3: "Hearts A Mess" - Gotye

// Brendan Cook //


Anonymous said...

Why would you have any hope whatsoever for this song?

It basically sucks.

Maybe selling it to pre-teens is the only channce you have.

Neon Gold said...

Wow, I've genuinely never heard anyone be so wrong in my life.

Little Steve said...

I agree Neon, Gotye has been doing well over here in Oz for aaages now. Glad the rest of the world gets to see how good he is. He's a good bloke too. He's also with The Basics, and they have a new single called With This Ship, check it out

Anonymous said...

I've not agreed with all of the bands you've been bigging up recently (and even fallen out of love with Passion Pit after hearing the mess that is 'Manners'). But Gotye has and always will be special, and this song is one of the best ever made and deserves to be heard by as many people as is possible.

Kat x

James said...

Anonybro number one sucks butt. But then again, annoybro number 2 is pretty lame as well with their hate of the Pit. Haters wanna hate, BALLERS GONNA BALL. These two punk ass bitches is whack. Step up or shut up, Annoyqueefs.

Anonymous said...

Gotye have done well here in Aus - I am however surprised it has taken 3 years to make it over to the states. You've been picking them pretty well, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

How old are you James? Try learning the English language before you reply.

Kat x

Anonymous said...

Best video I have ever seen!