Thursday, May 7, 2009


Lock up your daughters and put the drinks on ice, Neon Gold is coming to the UK. Next week sees us shipping off to London for the summer where we'll be keeping it real DJing club nights, throwing parties and continuing to release records by some of our favorite new bands. We're really stepping up our game in the months to come with just under ten releases lined up between now and autumn and a monthly club night in the works in London, and it all kicks off next week in Brighton at the annual Great Escape festival. The Great Escape has been one of the highlights of the summer for us in recent years, so we're honored to be throwing the afterparty at the Ocean Rooms late night on Saturday. Neon Gold rising stars Wolf Gang (making their live debut) and Yes Giantess will be doing their thing live with DJ support from Ellie Goulding beatmaker Starsmith, London superstars Chess Club and of course our very own Neon Gold Beat Company. Let's rage.

MP3: "Tuff N Stuff" - Yes Giantess

We suppose this is also as good a time as any to introduce you to our new favorite band and forthcoming release, Wolf Gang. Wolf Gang is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Max McElligott, who's gone and crafted some of the most timeless pop gems you'll hear in this or any other year and is easily one of the most gifted talents we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Proudly wearing a love for pop greats like Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads on their sleeve, the demos put forth are some of the most promising we've ever heard, their rough charm and classic pop feel converging to make them some of the most exciting tracks we've heard this year. The single we'll be releasing in late June remains under wraps for now, but go ahead and introduce yourself with "Nightflying" and see why the sky is truly the limit for this London newcomer.

MP3: "Nightflying" (Demo) - Wolf Gang

// Cristiana Crouceiro //


Brad said...

Holy shit I wish I could go to this

Anonymous said...

tuff n stuff is still such an absolute tune

Robin said...

See you at Great Escape. Splendid !

Anonymous said...

lovin this wolf gang

Carl said...

Had a feeling that a Wolf Gang release was in the works a while back, look forward to it. I'll def be getting to this man, be good to meet.

Chaz said...

rad flyer!

jehan said...

this is really good.

Liam Haynes said...

This is going to be good, can't wait to sample Wolf Gang.


Jamie said...

Alas, I don't think I'm making a Great Escape this year. Lack of accomodation.

A night in London sounds interesting though. Let me know what's happening.

Tim | TheBlueWalrus said...

Stupid exams stopping me going to the Great Escape. I'll be hitting Koko later on for Wolf Gang though.


Was great to meet you guys last night at The Ocean Rooms in Brighton. Yes Giantess were outstanding and they posed for photo's for The Recommender blog.

Also got a chance to meet with Marina (& The Diamonds) which perfectly topped off my weekend at The Great Escape festival.

We've reviewed the whole weekend's experiences here at -

Pop me on your blog roll too if you can. We will obviously return the favour.

Can't wait for more from Neon Gold!

The Recommender

James said...

Was a great weekend - Horatio's bar Die Die Die rocked