Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last February saw Local Natives emerge from SXSW as the toast of the festival and thus one of the hottest new acts around, while the three tracks on offer on their myspace had the blogs abuzz and A&Rs on both sides of the pond scrambling for their checkbooks. Things have settled down a bit in recent months as fans eagerly await more material from the band, but having wrangled ourselves a copy of the already completed debut record Local Natives are shopping to labels we can assure you the wait is worth it. Proof arrives in "Sun Hands", which will be finding it's way onto the shelves of all good record stores next month when our top bros at Chess Club make it the latest in their long line of phenomenal releases. A longtime live favorite, "Sun Hands" finds the Silverlake outfit at their most primal, all Yeasayer shouts and immense, visceral instrumentation as the track erupts in an explosive middle 8 before returning to the ethereal harmonies the band have made their calling card and easing to a peaceful conclusion.

MP3: "Sun Hands" - Local Natives


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love this band, another amazing song!

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This is now officially my favorite blog!