Friday, October 30, 2009


We've shown our main man Penguin Prison no shortage of love in these pages over the past few months, and now it's time to bring his masterful debut single into the world on Neon Gold. Another stellar double A-side release, we already unveiled the sterling lead track "Animal Animal" in September, and now we've got the equally brilliant AA-side "A Funny Thing" for your downloading pleasure. "Animal Animal" shined in the late summer sun as a bubbly cut of carefree pop effervescence, but "Funny Thing" doesn't waste any time giving you the business, all driving, churning synths and a huge chorus that stands out as his finest pop moment yet. Big stuff, people.

MP3: "A Funny Thing" - Penguin Prison [expired]

It's been amazing to see the reception Penguin's already gotten on UK radio, with fervent support coming from Radio 1, XFM and NME Radio for both tracks. The single's out November 23rd and comes sporting another beautiful round of cover artwork from the lovely and amazing FRAU GRAU, and will be available as usual from the Neon Gold Shop in the US and at Puregroove for our international customers. With remixes for both tracks coming in from The Sound of Arrows, Monarchy, Jakwob and more, this is sure to be an immensely popular release, so drop down and get your order on before it's too late.


Starsmith said...

Did you do this one on your own, derek? I thought we were a fucking team man. A FUCKING TEAM.

Anonymous said...

amazing yet again, I love everything I've heard from these guys!

Paul said...

MASSIVE track!

Lindsay said...

likes this.