Tuesday, November 17, 2009


You may or may not have heard of Stornoway from their relentless UK festival touring, but if you're in the latter camp, boy oh boy are you in for a treat. First off, these guys aren’t from Stornoway, despite the celtic-folk influences they’re all just pure brainiacs from Oxford, with a bunch of PhDs between them and some insane instrumental skills. With literate lyrics and haunting stentorian harmonies they make music that has you weeping into your microwave meal-for-one before anyone can say "man the fuck up."

Their debut single "Zorbing" is a folk pop anthem all about "tripping" over girls in autumn time: perfect listening to warm your cockles on these cold mornings. It’s not just Brian Briggs’ stirring tenor that gets you, but the whole ramshackle folk-pop vibe reminiscent of back-in-the-day James circa-"If Things Were Perfect" with the powerful yearnings of Belle & Seb. Following hot on the trail of Guillemots and Mumford & Sons they’re jaunty, wistful and SO ELECTRIFYING.

MP3: "Zorbing" - Stornoway


Anonymous said...

You always have great stuff but this song is truly special.

Anonymous said...

"The air is cooler and I feel like I just started Uni"

Worst lyric of the decade.

Amy said...

I love that "started uni" line, such a specific emotion but everyone (who went to uni at least) can identify with it.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

If there is any justice Stornoway's blend of pastoral folk pop will follow Mumford and Sons into the publics affections next year. We've seen them play several times this year and despite looking like rabbits in the headlights they are utterly charming and have a whole albums worth of songs to fall in love with.

Oh and the lead singer (Brian) is a zoologist and tells tales on stage of ethical fishing practices and beavers returning to Scotland. Bless him.

The Bubble Boy said...

Yet another wonderful find.

Question: Do you ever miss a beat, Mr and/or Ms Neon Gold?

Stephen Frost said...

i LOVE "zorbing"--good choice--i think it's the best song on their album, such a gorgeous opener. and i agree with Amy too!! it feels like autumn, this song, so hopeful.