Monday, December 14, 2009


We've had a pretty busy release schedule in 2009 putting out some of our favorite artists around, and after a little break this December we're ready to get back in the game and go twice as hard in 2010. We're not only talking new singles from some of the hottest new talents around (Monarchy, Penguin Prison, Yes Giantess, et. al), but also EPs and longplayers. Yeah, shit's about to get really real all over again. To kick it all off we've got a white-hot 12" release from one of the freshest new faces on the electronic scene, the unstoppable electro force that is Sweden's brilliant Mille.

We first featured Mille back in September with the demo version of "Crysteena", and now we're back with the real deal, all polished up with a slick mastering job and a few tweaks to make it even more amazing then it already was. For the uninitiated, "Crysteena" is one of the biggest tracks you'll hear all year, with a glorious synth lead in place of a vocal that makes for one of the most expressive and emotive synthetic compositions we've ever heard. Already championed by DJs the world over including the likes of Starsmith and Russ Chimes, Mille is quickly making a name for himself in the international electro scene and this here is his official coming-out party. Following on the heels of our first-ever 12" release with The Sound of Arrows last September, the Crysteena 12" not only boasts the immense original, but new track "Stargazers" and some killer remixes courtesy of Fear of Tigers, Edwin van Cleef and Justin Faust. Below is the shiny new version of "Crysteena" in it's all it's extended glory, as well as a streamlined radio edit for the ADD generation.

MP3: "Crysteena" (12" Version) - Mille [exclusive]
MP3: "Crysteena" (Radio Edit) - Mille [exclusive]

As per usual, the 12" will be available from the Neon Gold Shop for our stateside friends and exlcusively from Puregroove for our international shoppers. The package is out January 11th featuring handsome cover artwork from Sweden's DW Design, but is available for preorder now. We've also got a lovely little Christmas sale currently underway at the Neon Gold Shop, with 25% off selected items in our back catalogue. Sale ends after Christmas though so act fast. And finally, we're currently developing a line of t-shirts for unveiling in early 2010, so get ready to get some Neon Gold merch all up on your body in the new year. Yes mate? Yes. Mate.


Brian said...

WOOP WOOP! What a track!

Tim said...

please check out wpahp!

it's pure awesomeness, just like this one!.. great work, again!

Robogeisha said...

I totally and deeply fell in love with this track since you posted it in a demo version.
This is an absolute masterpiece. Makes me wanna dance and cry at the same time.
Please don't blame me if I post it myself on my blog (with a link to yours off course) :

djp said...

I was hoping u could post something about my new band on your blog I think u will dig them, let me know.

I'm really excited to send you some material on a incredible new
international band DE SIGNER With members all the way from the South Of
France to the South Side Of Chicago. This art Collective has an amazing
musical/visual presentation on their website

I've attached a link to download their new single "Francois Premier" and a
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DE SIGNER is an American musical group. In the spirit of New York's
underground scene of the late 70's, DE SIGNER is downtown 2012 . A group of
very different people linked together by the world of design . Stepping into
the set with a body rocking blend of French disco groove and vintage
Hip-hop . Mic checks from Audrey (France) and English (Chicago/Dem Dare) set
the pace with a modern "Wild Style" of disco-ing that makes them the
freshest (and only) black guy / French girl duo around. JMV (France), a
former Virgin Records artist, is a child of the Euro music scene of the late
70's and early 80's producing tracks that travel from Beat Street to Factory
Records. Combined with visual brainwashing by Stussy designer A.Franco
(L.A.) they bring the "new knack that's coming from way way back."


Paul Stewart

COULSON said...

yes, love mille.
here to throw danger off his throne?

who knows.

Anonymous said...

Paul Stewart: This is a post about a Neongold release, dont make it an advertisement forum for your own project. If you want them to blog your music why dont you send an email like others do, this just causes irritation. With that said

Crysteena is epic! Im counting on Mille to take over in 2010.

Anonymous said...

such a monster jam

Eric said...

deathelectro posted a remix of this super jam before, it's nice and laidback.

B1 & B2 said...

Derek you keep bringing it! Defs big props mate would love to get a neon gold shirt. Mate get some new Australian love and check out tame impala <3 from my home town of perth. They will be massive. mark my words talent to burn!

Ben said...

Loving this track. Liking most of the songs I'm hearing from him actually. Looking forward to this release.

Drew said...

Holy shit... like no electro ive ever heard.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Raymond FAIL :)