Thursday, December 3, 2009


So these guys took us completely off guard the first time we heard them, hitting us hard with one of THE most amazing tracks of the year. Offering up lush instrumental soundscapes and torn heartstrings, The Middle East combine straight up folk-rock with more ambient flourishes. Hailing from Australia and without a synth in sight (go figure), they’d split up a while before their first EP, The Recordings Of The Middle East came out, but Thank. The. Lord. they put their differences aside and brought us this incredible collection of tracks.

Full of ethereal vocals, sparse guitars and breathtaking narratives, these are fragile lullabies that make you want to fall in love, fall out, and then do it all over again. "Blood" is the most incredible, reminiscent of a more whimsical Arcade Fire it swells with xylophones and whistles, building up into a beautiful midpoint crescendo right at the heart of it. The band’s intense dynamics are right at the core of their luscious sound, and they’ve absolutely made it into our favorite new bands of the year. Heartstrings, get ready to be torn.

MP3: "Blood" - Middle East