Friday, March 26, 2010


Now that Passion Pit is kind of cruising on its own steam, its members have found time to balance touring obligations with a number of side projects. Nate's still rocking shit as Shuttle and will have his debut album out on Ninja Tune before the year is out, Jeff and Ayad are taking over the Ableton DJ circuit as the Wet Bandits (catch them crushing Miami if you're at WMC this weekend), and Ian's recording with his girlfriend Sofia Degli Alessandri under the moniker Aislyn. The latter have just released their self-titled debut EP (available on iTunes here), but it's their otherworldly remix of our dear friends Freelance Whales' "Generator ^ First Floor" that we can't stop playing this week. Subverting the anthemic energy of the original into a more dreamy and downbeat affair, it's a refreshing take on one of our favorite songs of the year and well worth your hard-earned bandwith. Enjoy.

MP3: "Generator ^ First Floor" (Aislyn Remix) - Freelance Whales

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jonathan said...

WOW!! this is awesome.

thank you