Thursday, May 27, 2010


We've shown no shortage of love to Clock Opera as of late, but how could we not when dude is just deserving it so hard with every move he makes. First he dropped jaws with his immaculate remix of Marina & The Diamonds, then last week he unveiled his brilliant new single "A Piece of String", and now he's back with yet another beautiful rework, this time for Brooklyn dreamweavers Au Revoir Simone. Employing similar techniques to those in play on his Marina remix, Clock keeps the verses largely intact and splices together words and sounds to reinvent the chorus entirely, as pulsating synths churn ominously beneath pristine piano notes and icy Sigur Ros-esque atmospherics.

MP3: "Tell Me" (Clock Opera Remix) - Au Revoir Simone

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the burning boy said...

Au Revoir Simone are beautiful. I don't think that Clock Opera do as much justice to their voices as they did to Marina. The remix is cool enough but my favourite Au Revoir Simone remix would still have to be the Teenager's Remix of Fallen Snow. Which is an amazing tune.