Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Samuel is one of our number one dudes in NYC (and we just returned from rage managing his West Coast tour), so it's with great pleasure that we unveil his debut single "I Heart NY". I guess it's trendy to rhyme about NYC ever since Jay and Alicia started banging on about bright lights and concrete jungles, but this was our original NYC anthem, the demo racking up a serious play count in our iTunes since we first met the Heavyroc crew 18 months ago. The Knocks are at the helm here once again (under the expert direction of Grammy-nominated veteran Greg Wells), stringing a playful keys riff through a maze of big brass blasts and singalong group vocals, resulting in a breezy summer anthem for the city that never sleeps and a brilliant first single for Samuel as he readies his debut album for release later this year.

MP3: "I Heart NY" - Samuel [exclusive]


Anonymous said...

Cool track

ted said...

this is The Best

Natalie said...

This is fabulous! poppy without being overwhelmingly sweet