Friday, September 10, 2010


You'd be forgiven for trying to determine the sample in The Knocks' "Make It Better" - after all, it was the first question we asked when they first played it for us - but on the real it's an original vocal from The Knocks' Mr. JPatt, just pitched up and fucked with. But the sample question came up so often they decided to go back and write a retro original track, as if it were the track they were sampling on "Make It Better", even though it was written after the fact. Confusing, we know, but it'll all make sense when you hear it below. "When You've Got Music", as it's called, is not only a kind of genius idea, but it's also on some unreal vintage soul shit, with JPatt absolutely murdering it on the vocal and stepping out as one of the most talented new vocalists in the game.

MP3: "When You've Got Music" - The Knocks


Anonymous said...

The MP3 link points to the beach photo. :)

Neon Gold said...

ah, yes, about that. fixed.