Monday, February 28, 2011


London's Entrepreneurs is one of the more fascinating prospects kicking around the UK electro-indie scene at the moment, so it's with great pleasure that we bring you the world premier of the Tyler T. Williams-directed video for his latest single "Bubblegunk" in these here pages. It's pretty out there and downright disconcerting at times, but it's also kind of amazing... not unlike Entrepreneurs' tracks themselves. Juggling a brilliant pop sensibility with a completely off-the-wall production style, "Bubblegunk" puts Entrepreneurs in a sonic league of his own, his effortlessly cool Julian Casablancas-meets-James Murphy vocal delivery setting the pace for the track before the bridge finds him unleashing the kind of mammoth guitar solo that Eddie Van Halen would eat his grandma for. It's all out via Fear & Records on limited edition CD (complete with post-apocalyptic survival kit) April 4th and available from iTunes now, but you can grab a free piece of "Bubblegunk" below.

MP3: "Bubblegunk" - Entrepreneurs

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Anonymous said...

nice tune! me likey! had to come back to comment on it...
thank you