Friday, March 11, 2011


Our favorite plucky New Zealanders have done it again. This time The Naked & Famous take on Mr. Little Jeans' "Rescue Song" for a remix that is so beautifully understated it's almost too much for us to handle - the Neon Gold alumni network is working in the most magical of ways right now and let's just say we don't hate it. With a soft swinging beat, this remix has big moments reminiscent of the electropop holy grail, "Heartbeats," but the steady, fierce fluidity of Mr. Little Jeans' angelic vocals take everything to a whole new level. "Rescue Song" already had a pretty phenomenal remix package around it when we dropped it on Neon Gold last November, but The Naked & Famous have taken us to a happier, sexier place on this remix and we love them for it.

Look out for the band to absolutely own SXSW next week, where you can catch them live at a number of shows around town, including our unofficial day party Saturday at Klub Krucial at 12pm. We'll be leaking the lineup for the show all weekend before pulling back the curtain and unveiling the full lineup and all event details on Monday, so watch this space!

MP3: "Rescue Song" (The Naked & Famous Remix) - Mr. Little Jeans [exclusive]


Anonymous said...

That's pretty bad. I couldn't help but feel embarrassed listening to the thing. The original is great, the last remix was obviously done by pros, but this is just amateur hour and an abuse of a good song and melody (a melody which pretty much carries this abomination).

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty good. The RAC remix was the best , but this takes second. It starts out a little off...but builds to a strong song that compliments the vocals.