Friday, April 8, 2011


We've been patiently waiting for a Wolf Gang full length since like forever (seriously dudes where's our advance promo), and while we're all going to have to wait just a little bit longer (until June 27th), here's a little something that's helping us pass the time. "Something Unusual" is a brand new tropical day dream from the London outfit and provides an exciting taste of things to come on their forthcoming debut longplayer. This one takes a page from the Peter Gabriel big beats 'n rad wind chimes school of pop that Wolf Gang often find themselves channeling, and if you ask us it's pretty hard to go wrong there. The track starts out simply enough with frontman Max McElligott's soon-to-be iconic voice carrying the load before the guitar kicks in, your pulse quickens and things kick into high gear. It's the kind of song that'll whisk your soul away to a utopian paradise if you let it, and if you haven't mentally checked out from the harsh realities of the real world by the time that first chorus drops then there really might be something wrong with you. Seriously, you should get that checked out.

Unfortunately we don't have clearance from The Powers That Be to share an mp3 of that new Wolf Gang freshness, but we have been given the green light to share the brilliant E. Russell remix of their current single "Dancing With The Devil", which we've been crushing on for a long minute now. Maybe it's because we heard it before the original, but we actually prefer it to the single version. There's just something about the moody darkness E. Russell brings to the track that suits the lyrics and subject matter beautifully, and we'll definitely be keeping an ear to the ground to hear what kind of magic E. Russell has in store for us on remixes in the future.

MP3: "Dancing With The Devil" (E. Russell Remix) - Wolf Gang [exclusive]

Also anyone who stayed super late night at Popshop last night - first of all, props - got treated to an amazing supergroup of Wolf Gang, Walk The Moon and Lunar Youth (joined by our own Miss Gold USA) performing Weezer covers at 3am. And that, friends, is why you always stay late night. Lesson learned y'all.

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