Thursday, May 19, 2011


Teachers is a new project from Ben Bronfman, formerly of The Exit and last heard from laying down that amazing vocal on "Dinosaur On The Ark", the highlight of the debut mixtape from The Very Best that dropped a few years back. He's also married to M.I.A. so yeah, chances are you've heard of him one way or another. But none of that matters when you lend an ear to his latest outpouring with Teachers (formerly Bermuda), which arrives in the form of debut single "GOLD", a tribal, booming epic that's as huge and ambitious as anything you'll hear from a new band all year. Brewer's got a pretty flawless track record with his past projects so it the immense quality of his new output should really come as no surprise, but this is truly massive - call it shock-and-awe pop, and consider us fully on board.


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