Wednesday, June 15, 2011


"Statues" starts like the soft tapping of rocks at your window. Within seconds and without warning, Auction is up the fire escape and through your window to take you by pleasant surprise. In other words, the climb starts like a soothing Young The Giant-sized croon that suddenly segues into blistering Foals-esque oblivion, a heady mix of cartwheeling synth accents that float like a butterfly and Stings like The Police. As you feel the energy of five rowdy young London boys fully contained in the ticking timebomb of a chorus that blows its fuse at the perfect moment, time suddenly starts to stand still in a moment of pristine pop clarity. You really need to experience firsthand their meticulous electro-tinged Brit rock to believe it, so get involved because it's time to get sold on Auction.

MP3: "Statues" - Auction

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