Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This Strange Talk EP we dropped in May (available for sale here) has really been earning its stripes as the official soundtrack of our summer - we're spinning this record on the daily and it's still got legs for miles. Helping to prolong its shelf life though are a crop of brilliant remixes, which we've been dropping for you every few weeks since the release. Last month Lightwaves and Vanguard brought the heat in the first round of "Eskimo Boy" remixes, but here comes Draper ready to deliver the coup-de-gras knockout with one of the fiercest remixes of 2011. Speeding up the spiraling synth riff of the original, Draper strings the listener along with punchy percussion and swirling electronics before plunging them into a moment of crisis on the chorus with a MASSIVE drop into a wind tunnel of warped synths and chopped up vocals. BIG MOVES.

MP3: "Eskimo Boy" (Draper Remix) - Strange Talk [exclusive]

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Anonymous said...

Definitely my favorite Eskimo Boy it.