Monday, June 20, 2011


Details about the UK's most enchanting new chanteuse Bluebell are few and far between, and aside from her friendship with fellow Neon Gold favorite FOE and former involvement in Hampshire four piece Lady & The Lost Boys, there's not much known about Miss Annabel Jones. This much we do know though: her debut single "Normal Heights" is anything but, so extraordinary is the orchestral pop instrumentation that strings you along throughout, leaving you breathless with dramatic looping vocals and its delightfully circuitous structure. Combining Au Revoir Simone grace with raw Imogen Heap emotion, its a special track and the perfect intro song to your new band crush. Plus, we can personally attest to the consistent brilliance of the releases to come, filled to the brim with the kind of massive pop hooks we want to get real friendly with. For now though, “Normal Heights” will keep you grounded, in the best way imaginable. Consider this the post-“Such Great Heights” during the comedown, right before you decide to dive back in.

MP3: "Normal Heights" - Bluebell [exclusive]

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