Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Model Worker are a fourtet from Chicago whipping up fresh symphonies that straddle several decades of glam-pop mastery. “Automatic Love” immediately has a familiar tint to it, kind of like a sober Julian Casablancas fronting Polarsets while rocking shades of early Depeche Mode. Listening to "Automatic Love,", you’ll know exactly how the crowd felt when Marty McFly killed it on stage with that sound that was a throwback to him but new wave to the blissfully unaware in attendance. Besides, we're the last ones to complain about a grinding synth line that just won't let up cause it so badly just wants to get down. Boys and girls, the time has finally come to pop the top of the Delorean and crash back into the ‘80s. Ride on? Right on.

MP3: "Automatic Love" - Model Worker

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