Thursday, July 14, 2011


Shrouded under a passive aggressive electronic veil, Talking Pictures manage to maintain a sharp semblance of too-cruel-for-school. "Mirrors", their debut offering, is a song that reflects on itself with dirty electronic pulses atop moody dark impulses, while reverb-heavy guitars toss and turn like a restless beast. While they may not be the first to rhyme "night" and "light", it's the inspired internal conflict and resolution that takes centerstage and steals the show. And it certainly doesn't hurt that they sound so akin to such formidable pop outfits as Jump Jump Dance Dance and Is Tropical and happen to boast a pretty memorable talking picture of their own in the music video for "Mirrors", above.

MP3: "Mirrors" - Talking Pictures


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Anonymous said...

Fun Fun! I read your description first but when I saw the beginning of the video, and the music came on, I was very surprised! I will be downloading this catchiness at some point today. Thanks!

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neon gold i love you! always playing the best tunes!