Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We can thank PLAINS, aka Michael McGinnis, for the stroke of scuzzy genius that is "Innovator". It comes fully stocked with joyriding guitars and angst-ridden synths, egged on by spaced out vocals that curiously swoop in and out of sight like a 21st century UFO. Once it crosses the great sonic expanse and reaches the eureka moment of pensive drum traps and whizzing solos, he's achieved the perfect middle ground between The Pixies and Miami brethren/labelmates (and Neon Gold darlings) ANR. It sounds progressively mischievous and deeply full of ulterior motives, and that's exactly why we love it so, plains and simples. So really we had no choice but to include PLAINS on next week's Popshop bill as one of two surprise live guests. Surprise.

MP3: "Innovator" - PLAINS

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HD-Flexo said...

Really like this - can u post more?! Best wishes, HD-Flexo!