Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Swedish prodigy Tove Styrke was already going to be your new crush, but now with an extreme makeover from fellow countrymen Familjen, she's even more irresistible. The Familjen revision starts simply enough with an infectious piano progression padded by anxious handclaps that quickly time-warps into an alternate dimension. Like a pixie Robyn, Styrke's voice flo-oh-oats by on the wings of Familjen's buoyant, fairytale instrumental as dragons circle high above breathing heavy synth plumes. But like Calvin Harris's "Feel So Close" rolling face on uncut ecstasy, Familjen's mix scales great heights in a single bound, the beat acting as a safety net for the vocals to fall back on before everything goes trampoline for the chorus and the post-chorus. Sure, this track may have quietly come out in late 2010, but you better believe it still sounds every bit as glorious in the carefree summer of 2011.

MP3: "Million Pieces" (Familjen Remix) - Tove Styrke


Si said...

'as dragons circle high above breathing heavy synth plumes'

Love that : )

Anonymous said...

On repeat!