Tuesday, August 23, 2011


St. Lucia's phenomenal debut EP has been on repeat here at Neon Gold HQ since it flew domestically across the interwebs and into our inbox last week, with current single "All Eyes On You" still going very strong on our songs of the summer playlist as we bring you the exclusive premier of its music video above. So you can only imagine our excitement when a remix from the as-of-late untouchable '96 Bulls of that very track sidled up alongside said EP in our inbox.

Fortunately, Australia's own Jordan and Pippen don't disappoint, holding court by doing the source material the utmost justice in a glass-shattering alley oop of a remix that goes harder in the paint than Dennis Rodman on steroids. Furthermore, it's the perfect track to whet your appetite for St. Lucia's international live debut this Thursday in DC alongside The Knocks and ANR at All Things Gold 002 (for which tickets still flowing here), of which me may or may not have caught a very secret - and very awesome - sneak preview of last week. Get excited.

MP3: "All Eyes On You" ('96 Bulls Remix) - St. Lucia [exclusive]

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Linhja said...

I love this blog, I love the descriptive descriptions describing new worlds in each song and I hope you keep it up.