Thursday, September 8, 2011


In case you didn't already know, in the United States of Neon Gold Captain Cuts are pretty much a household name and house party staple. Their newest offering is a daring remix of Young The Giant's "Apartment", which serves as yet another prime example of their production brilliance. Forget what you heard, because what was once a headstrong indie rock anthem is given a space age facelift and it's a ravishing new look for the California rock outfit.

As synth ships set sail across an ocean of noise, Sameer Gadhia's impassioned vocals cut in and leave a trail of emotion in their wake as the beat gradually starts to pick up steam. The verses are relatively straightforward at first, before it all gets sucked into Captain Cuts' electronic whirlpool on the chorus and the song comes to life. But it's merely a hint at what's to drop, as the last minute of looped vocals and self-affirming chord progressions make it feel like you're truly on the ride of your life. You can cop an exclusive download of the remix below, and keep an eye out for a full remix EP from Young The Giant - featuring the likes of Two Door, Tokyo Police Club and more - dropping on their Facebook page next week.

MP3: "Apartment" (Captain Cuts Remix) - Young The Giant [exclusive]

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