Monday, October 31, 2011


The mystery dudes in NYC/Boston collective Black Light Dinner Party already impressed us earlier this year with their debut offering "Older Together", and now they're back with yet another eskimo-kissed tune for the coming winter (cue Game of Thrones theme). Their newest single "Gold Chain" sojourns into the white wilderness with a flurry of uplifting synth progressions and well-enunciated guitars that join forces in an all-out Avengers joint effort. Rounding out the mix are hopelessly romantic lyrics that would seem otherwise saccharine if not for the remarkably hooky melodies that carry them and the song to another level entirely. Black Light Dinner Party drape a neon gold necklace over you that grows brighter as each verse piles on glowing sentiment upon sentiment, and if grown-up playground love could be encapsulated in four minutes of pop nirvana, this would be the soundtrack.

MP3: "Gold Chain" - Black Light Dinner Party [exclusive]

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David said...

Great tune! When's the video coming out??