Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We've been telling y'all St. Lucia was the one to watch since forever ago, but last week the rest of the world caught up as the band played their debut NYC shows at CMJ, culminating in a powerhouse set at our New Shapes party on Friday. It was also the masses' first chance to experience some of the as-yet-unreleased highlights from the band's immaculate forthcoming debut EP. Lead track "We Got It Wrong" has been racking up a dangerous playcount as one of our favorite tracks of the year, and though we gave you a little taste with a streaming premier on Lenno's CMJ megamix before CMJ, we're here with the real deal mp3 for you now.

Hit play and within seconds, the world starts to swirl around you, your senses begin to blur and you find yourself in another space and time completely. More awestruck than disoriented, you're off on what feels like a runaway train, galloping along at dangerous speeds on the wings of euphoric synths and shouty group vocals. There's a surprise around every turn (that synth breakdown in the middle? AMAZING.) and before you know it the ride is over, as "We Got It Wrong" switches gears entirely and fades back into the mists of pop from whence it came with a wistful brass arrangement. It's completely and utterly brilliant and our favorite track from the St. Lucia camp yet. If this is what it sounds like when they get it wrong, then god dammit, WE DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT.

MP3: "We Got It Wrong" - St. Lucia

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