Friday, November 11, 2011


Over the years, we've gotten real familiar with Swedish pop heroes The Sound of Arrows. They were the face of our first widescreen 12" release back in 2009, and now two years later they've readied their debut full-length, Voyages, for launch. As true auteurs of the pop music medium, Stefan Storm and Oskar Gullstrand have crafted a flawless aesthetic, from the cinematic grandeur of their music to their visually stunning music videos. The Swedish maestros have their euphoric formula down to a science, and Voyages sits comfortably among our absolute favorite albums of the year. In our opinion The Sound of Arrows are simultaneously the most impressive and exciting thing to happen to pop music in recent memory, so it's with great pleasure that we announce our next release, a special edition AA-side 12" celebrating our two favorite cuts from the album, "Wonders" and Conquest".

All pulsing, skyscraping synths and bittersweet vocals, "Wonders" simmers in a magic cauldron of nostalgia, as Stefan Storm's heart-piercing refrain lights up the mic and stardust showers from the ceiling like confetti. Then it's time for "Conquest" to shine, turning in the performance of a lifetime in the record's best supporting single role. Coming off like Royksopp on a sugar high, "Conquest" churns along as red velvet synths course through your veins and the duo rally around a triumphant chorus for the ages on what might just be our favorite track of theirs yet. Together, they'll make you feel like the last child emperor in the galaxy, like anything is possible, and it's a wonderful sense of omnipotence. The "Wonders" / "Conquest" double A-side will close out our release year on December 19th, but is available for preorder in the Neon Gold Shop now. Own the magic for yourself.

MP3: "Conquest" - The Sound of Arrows

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, I'm so happy your putting out this 12". Hopefully it will arrive just in time for christmas.

Do you have any plans to release the album on LP? Maybe a nice limited gate-fold or a picture disc??