Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We may not have had a Popshop Radio for last month's special CMJ edition of Popshop (or what feels like last week), but get ready to flip that frown upside down. Lest we remind you, we've got Brooklyn's own Class Actress holding down the main headline slot this month, with a live support trifecta from The Chain Gang of 1974, Neon Gold darlings St. Lucia and CSLSX, all of whom should (and could) be headlining venues in their own right. It's all going down this Thursday at Tammany Hall, and as this is our penultimate Popshop of 2011, you better believe we're going out with class.

To help get you back into fighting shape with their ritual Popshop Radio minimix, here's a preview of our lineup mixed in with all the latest tracks you simply need to hear straight from The Knocks' LES studios. Starting things off with Chrome Canyon's frightside remix of St. Lucia, it segues straight into the blissful abyss that is The Sound of Arrows' oven fresh remix of "Brightside", revealed for the very first time below. After getting real familiar with the rest of our performers, Niki & The Dove drums up anticipation and One Room just wants you to be there. Advance $13 tickets are still available, but there will be a very limited number of $15 tickets available at the door, so definitely cop yours before they sell out. See you soon, friends.

1. "All Eyes On You (Chrome Canyon Remix)" - St. Lucia
2. "Brightside (Sound of Arrows Remix)" - The Knocks
3. "Hold On" - The Chain Gang of 1974
4. "Journal of Ardency" - Class Actress
5. "Keep On Shining" - CSLSX
6. "The Drummer" - Niki & The Dove
7. "I Want You" - One Room

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