Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Our first Popshop of the new year will be a change of pace and change of scenery, kickstarting a brand new year of incredible live music with the same contagious pop atmosphere we established in 2011. Getting things started on the first Popshop of 2012 are London's next huge things Morning Parade making their US live debut, before our beloved Popshop alumni French Horn Rebellion take things over in the live headline slot. Then it's time for our main event, as LA's nu disco heroes Classixx take over with a headline DJ set that'll burn the midnight oil and then the entire house down.

Despite what's perhaps our biggest lineup ever, the biggest news of the night has to be our brand new home, as we move Popshop from Tammany Hall to the wide open spaces of Santos Party House. It's a new year and a new look, as we take over the main room of Santos Party House and the city's best sound system to elevate Popshop to new levels of glory. And with our advance ticket price still locked in at $10 (or $15 day of show) and free drink specials in the works, it's just about the cheapest way to live the dream in the whole damn city. It's all going down Thursday, February 2nd at Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street), with advance tickets available HERE now. Don't miss out friends, we're about to take it to another level.

DOWNLOAD: "I'll Get You" (ft. Jeppe) - Classixx

"Listzomania" (Classixx Remix) - Phoenix

STREAM: "Beaches + Friends" (ft. Database) - French Horn Rebellion

"Up All Night" - French Horn Rebellion

"Under The Stars" - Morning Parade

"Us & Ourselves" (St. Lucia Remix) - Morning Parade

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