Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our omission of Sweden's Deportees from our Top Singles of 2011 list was a world class oversight, but fortunately for you and me and everyone we know, their seminal masterpiece "A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This" now gets the shine it deserves with a proper single release in 2012. A pristine slice of emotional, wintry pop, it'll have you blushing through the pallor of your frostbitten complexion in no time. The delicate Explosions In The Sky guitars and heavensent harmonies (seriously guys, those HARMONIES) slowly build with a graceful patience to an epic conclusion, and the result is truly one of the more beautiful songs we've heard in years. Already heroes and album-of-the-year contenders - for last year's Islands & Shores - in their native Sweden, 2012 finds Deportees set to make a significant impact beyond Scandinavian shores (and islands) in the year to come. Expect shock and awe, folks.

MP3: "A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This" - Deportees [exclusive]

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Anonymous said...

Incredible. Great Find, one of the most refreshing songs I've heard in a while.