Saturday, January 28, 2012


Guillemots' most recent full length, Walk The River, was one of our most cherished releases of 2011, so we're especially wary of just anyone laying their hands on Fyfe Dangerfield's brilliant songwriting and production. But once we heard this deft re-imagining of "I Don't Feel Amazing Now" from UK electronic duo Mooli, our overprotective instincts quickly melted away. It gently unfolds with Fyfe's harmonies drifting in and out like a lazy pendulum - in a carefree Grouplove kind of way - over Mooli's summery bonfire synths and coconut beats. As soon as Fyfe's lovelorn croon enters the ring and the chorus starts to tug at your tender heartstrings, it doesn't take long before you realize that this is exactly the catharsis-spiked cocktail that you needed all along.

MP3: "I Don't Feel Amazing Now" (Mooli Remix) - Guillemots

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