Thursday, February 2, 2012


As if there wasn't enough brilliant music coming out of Sweden this time of year (or, y'know, any time of year), Milano Sun has provided us with the perfect summer escape from the icy grips of the New York winter. The Gothenburg trio's debut single, "Already Gone" is hammock-pop at its best, with the blissful '80s hooks of a John Hughes soundtrack and the ultra-smooth vocal stylings of the legendary Kings of Convenience. When the crescendo of the shore reaches the breakdown, you're fully engulfed in an acoustic blanket until the masterfully timed bassline rescues you right as you're going under. And just like that, you're grateful to be alive.

MP3: "Already Gone" - Milano Sun

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Anonymous said...

So strange. This almost looks like the art work that Vacationer used for their Gone EP. Cool image, though.