Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Since making their Manhattan debut at Popshop last March, Friends have well and truly blown up on both sides of the Atlantic, and they continue their ascension to the stars on a much-needed re-release of debut 7" "Friend Crush" this month. The single already won over our hearts and minds the first time around, and the remix package highlight from Leo Zero is the golden ticket to disco salvation, when the fever grabs hold of you with the vice-like grip of young love. As she sways and seduces, frontwoman Samantha Urbani holds out her hand and you just can't help but take it, as Monsieur Zero takes us deep into another disco galaxy. It's like the Flight Facilities remix that never was, all resplendent synths and groove train basslines, and it's available for free below from our dear friends at Lucky Number Music.

DOWNLOAD: "Friend Crush" (Leo Zero Remix) - Friends

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