Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The last few months have seen Fort Lean rise from relative obscurity to quickly become our favorite new band in Brooklyn, and it's with great pleasure that we welcome them to the NG family with the co-release of their new single "Sunsick" on Neon Gold and Black Bell Records this month. The five piece have an uncanny knack for escapist summer anthems, a point underscored on the A-side as a waterfall of cascading drums and sweeping guitars draw you in and an armed-to-the-teeth bassline pumps seratonin through your veins. Then it's Keenan Mitchell's impassioned vocals entering the mix and leaving you strung out on pure empathy as he howls through the chorus behind a shield of reverb-coated guitars.

On the flip, "Precinct" begins as a slow-burning lament and grows into a staggering climax, filled to the brim with emotional fortitude and rousing harmonies. Together the tracks pack one hell of a one-two punch and make you pine for a getaway, the destination: irrelevant. If The Walkmen were fronted by the long lost son of Iggy Pop and raised on a sundrenched beach, you'd have a blurry outline of Fort Lean. The Sunsick 7" drops February 28th and is available for preorder from the Neon Gold Shop HERE, or come down to the single release party at Santos on the 28th to pick it up for yourself and catch Fort Lean bringing down the house alongside Stepdad and Black Bell kingpin Ayad Al-Adhamy (who also produced the single) from Passion Pit's new band Team Spirit. BIG ONE.

MP3: "Sunsick" - Fort Lean

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