Monday, February 13, 2012


D-E-W-L are a relatively mysterious new d-u-o emerging from the backstreets of London with a refreshing approach to experimental soul and leftfield R&B. Debut offering "Red Velvet" affectionately (confectionately?) borrows elements from Miike Snow and Phantogram, setting the scene with a glitchy backdrop, Icarus-flying oohs, and chop pop vocals out of the Clock Opera playbook. Then come the heartwarming tones of fingers falling gently on piano keys and that soulful croon on the hook, coming off like the most unclassifiable parts of James Blake and Jai Paul with a vocal reminiscent of Paul Usher of the late great Magistrates.

It's like a more subtle take on Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness", until D-E-W-L catches full-blown Ratatat fever and revs up dueling guitars and rousing atmospherics, as tribal chants drive you to an epic conclusion. There's no shortage of reference points in play here, yet the final offering - premiered below - manages to come off entirely unique, a monolith of pop accomplishment that has us incredibly excited to see what the two Londoners have in store for us next.

DOWNLOAD: "Red Velvet" - D-E-W-L [exclusive]

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