Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Besides having one of the more curious names in recent memory, Incan Abraham are part of a new movement of brilliant young LA bands (see also: HAIM, Electric Guest, et. al) set to take SXSW by storm this year. "Paper Army" is a utopian postcard from an island where everyone knows your name and worries and cares are but a thing of myth, nothing more than tall tales from the mainland. Borrowing from the best parts of Local Natives and Fool's Gold, it takes off with a serotonin-fueled synth bounce and skittering tropical guitars, as Yeasayer-esque vocals hang-glide through the cloudless skies high above. Soaked in yearning reverb, Incan Abraham toy with your emotions like a wind-surfing kite that reels in closer and closer with each verse until you're speechless and beat, right where they want you.

MP3: "Paper Army" - Incan Abraham

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Really like this tune... nice one!