Monday, April 9, 2012


Wildcat! Wildcat! - a band so nice they named it twice. We brought you to the incredibly infectious "Mr. Quiche" a little under a fortnight ago, and they've since kept the gold standard going on the song's exceptional video (above). Then there's companion track, "End Of The World Everyday", which sets the scene with a sunkissed bass line and squinting falsetto-tinged vocals before a luminous chorus arrives overflowing with bright, iridescent harmonies, like MGMT in the throes of a nostalgic acid flashback.

Tonight, the band continue their rapid ascent to the stars as they play the launch party of Popshop West alongside fellow bright young things Haim and Ko Ko. And just added, it's our dudes The Knocks out to give the night a bit of NYC flavor with a headlining DJ set. It's free with RSVP (boom: and is a pretty magical bill through and through, so come out and have the time of your life. Go ahead, this one's on us.

DOWNLOAD: "End Of The World Everyday" - Wildcat! Wildcat!

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