Thursday, May 24, 2012


We've got a bottomless well of praise to shower upon St. Lucia, and with that in mind we're stoked to bring you his next 7" as we wrap up the EP campaign and turn all eyes on his debut album. Leading off the 7" is EP standout and new single, "Before The Dive", a weather-agnostic pop anthem that makes it feel like Christmas morning every morning. Jean's powerstorming piano progression jolts you awake like a brisk reality check, as you join him on the precipice of greatness and stare into the sublime oblivion. Then there's that explosive "when it rains, it pours" chorus, with self-sufficient harmonies and everlasting sunshine for days. You take the jump with him and feel your fears ebb away like washing up on a private beach in another galaxy.

On the flip, London mysteriosos D-E-W-L challenge St. L's anthemic "All Eyes On You" to a space age standoff in an epic pop noir reimagining. Taking a page out of Clock Opera's book and reinventing the melody of the original chorus, the duo dress the track up in layer upon layer of keys and atmospherics as it steadily evolves into a beautiful dark twisted fantasy of hidden desires and masked emotions. The Before The Dive 7" arrives on Neon Gold June 12th, but preorder is now available worldwide HERE, alongside a free download of the D-E-W-L remix below.

DOWNLOAD: "All Eyes On You (D-E-W-L Remix)" - St. Lucia

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