Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Superhumanoids have been a staple in the Silverlake indie scene for a minute now, but their latest single "Geri" - sporting mixing and additional production by none other than Diplo protege and Charli XCX beatsmith Ariel Reichstadt - marks a quantum leap for the three piece. Like Metropolis set against a monochrome 80's backdrop, the track comes to life between the juxtaposition of frontman Cameron Parkins' robotic deadpan and the featherlight vocals of Sarah Chernoff. Decisive and to the point, "Geri" is short, sweet and leaves you wanting more. So much more.

DOWNLOAD: "Geri" - Superhumanoids

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Zachary said...

I didn't believe I could get so wrapped up in a song thats under 2:30, but I really did, awesome.