Thursday, July 26, 2012


We have endless love for Charli XCX and her unique blend of femme fatale goth-pop, and her star continues to rise at blinding speeds in the US as she sets out on her first proper tour next week with none other than our own St. Lucia co-headlining alongside her. New single "You're The One" is the epitome of Charli-pop, a driving, pulsing pop anthem, and to mark the momentous occasion of their co-headline run together, St. L has blessed the track with his golden remix touch.

It takes off with twinkling electronics floating mid-air and Charli's vocals riding along the intro as gentle as air, until the first verse drops and the rest is history. Then when the middle eight flips the switch, you're sucked into a wind tunnel of tireless synths and ageless basslines, a magical kingdom of immortality that makes heaven feel like home. The Charli / St. Lucia dates kick off this Saturday at Bowery Ballroom in NYC, before hitting the road in the days that follow, see the flyer above for details on the full run.

STREAM: "You're The One (St Lucia Remix)" - Charli XCX

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