Friday, July 13, 2012


New York bright young things Noosa arrive on the scene with a flurry of promising tracks and a bona fide anthem in waiting on debut single "Walk On By". Leading lady Sky Barbarick's vocal brings to mind everything from the pop noir nicotine of Lana Del Rey to the quirky effortlessness of Kimbra and doe-eyed wonder of Laura Veirs, as it sits perfectly atop an instrumental that delicately treads the line between heartbreaking lows and skyscraping highs. It's five minutes of heaven and hell and everything in between; keys fall like angels and strings swell and tear at your heartstrings, dripping with summertime sadness and a wistful melancholy that stays with you long after the song's run its course.

MP3: "Walk On By" - Noosa [exclusive]


Anonymous said...

Is it really exclusive if their cd's been on itunes for a month?

Si said...

Ha - are you the same Anonymous that is always posting crappy anonymous comments on here?

Tanya Elayne said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed an anon posting shite comments without the balls to NOT be 'Anonymous.'