Monday, March 11, 2013


HAERTS have been our new favorite NYC band for a minute now, so we're very excited to announce their addition to the Neon Gold / Columbia family today as we ready their immaculate debut single "Wings" for release on Neon Gold next month. Featuring members hailing from Germany, England and the United States, HAERTS are a veritable United Nations of pop supremacy, with an irresistibly international sound that's impossible to pin down on any map.

Featuring a brand new single mix from Michael Brauer and nigh-on flawless production from our beloved St. Lucia, "Wings" unfurls with boundless echoing percussion, as frontlady Nini Fabi's soaring vocals are showered in a waterfall of atmosphere and emotion. Then, on the flipside, we've got a nailbitingly handsome Wildcat! Wildcat! remix, as the LA three-piece and esteemed Neon Gold alums swing for the fences and then some on their first foray into the remix sphere.

The Wings 7" arrives April 2nd and hits digitally a week later on the 9th, but you can go ahead and get your preorder on HERE now. And to celebrate the occasion, we're throwing a single launch party the night of the 2nd at Cameo Gallery, with tickets available now HERE. It's rare to see a band garner so much attention on the back of only one song, but when said offering is this strong, it's not hard to see why. Rest assured though, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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