Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Goldroom has been the sole purveyor of endless summery remixes for over a year now, and with his original tracks coming in just as hot these days, he's starting to inspire some pretty big time remixes. On The Room's newest, "Only You Can Show Me," The Knocks turn down the tropical atmos and turn up the club potential on a remix that finds the perfect middle ground between sunset and sunrise.

And in return, Goldroom has blessed The Knocks' forthcoming heater "Modern Hearts" (featuring the one and only St. Lucia) with a blissed out remix of his own. Catch the trailer for "Modern Hearts" above to help pass the time until the full length original and Goldroom mix roll out in the weeks to come, and don't miss Goldroom making his live debut at Popshop this Thursday (advance tix still available HERE).

DOWNLOAD: "Only You Can Show Me (The Knocks Remix)" - Goldroom

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