Thursday, May 30, 2013


We've gotten to know Lovelife very well over the past couple years since they shore-ditched London and moved to Brooklyn to write the next great American tragedy. So we're over the moon to announce our next 7" release from the men in black, "Your New Beloved" / "Dying to Start Again", a double-trouble bundle of sinister pop that encompasses our most macabre daydreams and darkest nightvisions.

Lead single "Your New Beloved" is one of our absolute favorite songs of 2013 and sounds like electronic gospel from the distant future, as Lee Newell's yearning voice is filtered through a black-and-white vocoder over an industrial backdrop of dystopian synths. The flip, "Dying To Start Again", is a more upbeat, brass-laden number that brings your old flame back to life like a mood ring flickering between shades of grey.

The whole package drops on June 17th with preorder now available HERE. And if you happen to be in LA the week before, don't miss their massive Popshop West debut alongside Kate Boy and Bom Bom (tickets still available HERE) on June 10th.

STREAM: "Your New Beloved" - Lovelife

DOWNLOAD: "Dying To Start Again" - Lovelife

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