Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We haven't heard the name Francis Farewell Starlite in a long minute, but yesterday Francis & The Lights returned to the scene with a comeback single so phenomenal it's like he never left. As the bedroom vocals of "ETC" snuggle up with the dreamy '80s instrumental, it sounds like Pharrell and Prince trading vocals over a meditative Radiohead backbeat. It's a three and a half minute swoon song aphrodisiac, and yet another reminder of why Francis is one of the most special talents this town has ever seen. Keep an eye out for his triumphant NYC live return, he's still one of the most gifted performers we've seen to date. This should be stop-the-presses headline news for anyone who's ever had the chance to see him tear up a stage.

DOWNLOAD: "ETC" - Francis & The Lights

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