Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The heat does weird things to us in summer, so much so that we've got a very #rare FRIDAY night Popshop Brooklyn coming up next week, a species previously never before documented in nature. This time around, we've got new dance pop sorceress Betty Who warming things up before Australia's finest Strange Talk shut it down in the main support slot. And last but not least, headlining we have the paradisiac bliss of LA heartthrobs, Kisses. It's all going down Friday, August 2nd, at 11: 30p sharp, advance tix now available HERE.

STREAM: Huddle - Kisses

STREAM: "Picking Up All The Pieces" - Strange Talk

DOWNLOAD: "You're In Love" - Betty Who

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Ross CMR said...

Falling in love with these guys right now. I’ve had this video on repeat for days