Thursday, August 1, 2013


Cass Lowe is a name you're about to get real familiar with. In addition to having a songwriting CV that already includes Madeon, Say Lou Lou, and a little band called Backstreet Boys, the UK songsmith has a voice that could move mountains (which some of you may recognize from Russ Chimes's incredible "Targa" last year). So we're not surprised that his comeback single "Birthmark" is a panoramic, larger-than-life ballad that will tear you apart from the inside. As it drifts along with the ghostly countenance of Aqualung, it keeps you at a voyeuristic distance, as if surveying the world from a sinister ivory throne. That is, until it rumbles and detonates into an all-out Bastille-storming anthem in the finale and everything takes a quantum leap to another level. And did we mention it's got an un-fucking-believable video to match? Because it very much does. Everything about this is the real deal.

STREAM: "Birthmark" - Cass Lowe

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Gerry said...

Really excellent song!