Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was never overly fond of Jack Penate's fresh-faced guitar sounds, but after initially hailing him as their new wonder boy, the alarming swiftness with which the UK music industry and press seemed to turn their collective back on the young troubadour was staggering to say the least. Penate could have easily put his tail between his legs and wandered off into obscurity in the aftermath, but instead he's resurfaced with one of the most impressive comeback singles we've heard in ages. Teaming up with the one and only Paul Epworth is one way to get your name back in the headlines, but it doesn't mean shit if you haven't got the goods to back it up. On "Tonight's Today" Penate's penned a classic pop song set to the dreamy backdrop of Epworth's nigh-on balearic production, the result an ethereal that takes us far away from the dreamy context of the present as our thoughts drift towards greener pastures and carefree pursuits. Perfect for watching the world wake up around you as you waltz home in the predawn twilight.

MP3: "Tonight's Today" (Extended Version) - Jack Penate

// Nacho Alegre //


Anonymous said...

huge step up for Penate imho. great track, hadnt heard the extended version!

Anonymous said...

i dont like it. but at least he's taking a new direction.

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